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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not funny!?

We've not had one single entry for our caption competition. So either Bad Bad Chatter's are showing remarkable cultural sensativity and restraint, or their a bunch of shiting bawbags. Or no-one reads this blog. Whatever.

Why should we worry?

Because protests over the Mohammed cartoons are now leading to censorship of things which might cause offence to other religions - even, believe it or not, Christianity!

(A reminder: the Mohammed-cartoons were published in an Egyptian newspaper without anyone rioting long before the world went nuts on the story...)

Check out this story:
SBS drops South Park episode on the Pope - TV & Radio - Entertainment

AN EPISODE of cartoon program South Park that features the Pope has been pulled from Australian television...

'Given the current worldwide controversy over cartoons of religious figures, we've decided to defer this program,' [Judas...] said in a statement yesterday.
The episode shows a statue of the Virgin Mary spurting menstrual blood on the Pope."
It's not all bad, though:
[The episode] was shown in New Zealand... prompting a vigil by hundreds of Catholics outside broadcaster TV Works. Despite the protest, 200,000 New Zealanders watched the program, six times the usual audience.
Come on everyone! Banning even the right to cause offence is what the terrorists want. Seriously.

Friday, February 03, 2006

"Not Mohammed" Cartoon Caption Competition

Add your caption to this, one of the original cartoons... The blasphemous stick man drawing of Mohammed on the piece of paper has been removed...
We don't follow the news much, but there seems to be a bit of a fuss over a few cartoons published in some foreign newspapers. Some people are even calling for a Day Of Anger, whatever that is. (It was never like this with the Beano!).

Syed Abbas from Toronto, Canada, explains:
The [news]... claims falsely that the caricatures offended Muslims because Islam forbids representations of Mohammed for fear that it could lead to idolatry.

The real culprit is the Western custom of making fun of everything and everyone. The Quran forbids that...

In the tussle between Islam and the West, what will doom the latter is their... "sense of humor". For Muslims, life is serious businss, and not a joke.
With that in mind, and with apologies to the original artists (and best wishes with their new identities, we presume), Bad Bad Chat would like to announce our first "caption competition".

There will be a prize for the best entry*, probably.

Picture entries can be emailed here. We'll post any that won't get us death threats.

Entries featuring religious figures are forbidden, and will be cast, with their posters, into the lake of fire.

In case it's not obvious, please note that we've blanked out the blasphemous stick-man image of Mohammed drawn on the piece of paper in the cartoon shown.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Corporate Poetry - Courtesy BBC

Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Diet Coke
and Diet Coke With Lemon
are to be replaced by
Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke
and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke in the US.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...

...or so they would like.

With the natural tendency for authority, be it government or the police, to reflexively extend its powers going largely un-critiqued, we have to find the truth ourselves.

On tonight's Channel 4 news, there's a cracker. They're running items on The Powers' increasingly-desperate attempts to force through anti-terrorist measures creating laws to make an Emperor blush.

Later on in the bulletin, they're gonna run an item on how the Millennium Bridge went all bendy, featuring library footage of HUNDREDS of people giving it a shot just before it was closed down for safety.

Makes me feel all warm and gooey. True British pluck: we're risking it all for the sake of a giggle. Never mind fucking us all over using some deluded Islamist pricks as a pretext.

We need John Cleese as PM.

Then he can do a funny Allah-is-good-push-the-plunger dance to show those pesky bombers that, whatever they do, they'll never.


Take away our silly walks.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do they really think we're that daft?...erm...yeah

The recent inflamatory comments by the stooge Iranian president (a position akin to Home Secretary in our parlance) were only made known to the Iranians en masse on Saturday. Kinda puts the kybosh on it being anything other than the usual Arab bluster to the converted. Impotent, infantile rabble-rousing to be sure, but definitely not an official state declaration of intent.

And since when did Islamic fundamentalist rantings about the desirability of Israel's and the west's annihilation become front page news? What about that whole burning-stars-and-stripes public holiday they announce whenever Kalashnikov sales dip?

Sure, it's unacceptable, sure they're a bunch of utter wanks, but the fervour that Blair picked this up and ran with it (Bush's silence is deafening, the sure sign of this being a co-ordinated campaign) means one thing:

We're being primed for another war.

Don't worry, kids. Knob jokes and swear words to follow...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Robbie Fucking Williams - Observer interview

From The Observer

'The country's most extravagant entertainer is back, wowing fans at his shows and gadding around London with celebrity friends like David Walliams. But beyond the razzmatazz - as he tells Paul Flynn in an exclusive interview - the real Robbie Williams remains a mixed-up boy from Stoke-on-Trent who has never known love'

Awesomely bad. Like a trendy vicar, the Guardian/Observer flails about on the floor, all rictus grin and elbows. As in the following:

'Is what you do still pop music?...Why? Because the pop industry discourages personality - living in fear of scaring its audience, it produces characterless people, like Rachel Stevens?'

Oh yeah. Rachel Stevens is bad. Robbie Williams is good. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah sure.

And remember this isn't the poison dwarf saying this, it's the journalist. Then it gets funnier:

'It is (sic) would be easy not to look (sic) beyond the vaudeville aspect of Robbie Williams, the high-octane showman, and there seems little doubt that his reign will continue.'

Williams's whole problem (and yeah, I'll sort out your angst for you now, Rob - it's dead easy) is that he knows how shit he is. As soon as he gets the balls to pull the fucking trigger and end our collective misery, the better.

Hi there

Hello Bad Bad Chat, how are you doing today? I hope you're well. I've been feeling a bit off, just work though. My boss is a bit controlling and dismissive of things I do.
Speaking to the punters out there, what do you do when you're feeling really down? How do you get up out of the hole, how do you cheer yourselves up, how do you get things done, how do you face the day?

With love


Monday, October 03, 2005

Young, Male, Asian Shopkeepers using mobile phones

I demand to know what they are saying and to whom.